Friday, November 19, 2010

Do me!!!

“In the moonlight” (Do me)

The stars are falling from the sky
And you’re the reason why
The moon is shining on your face
And I finally think it found its place
Cuz maybe baby
I just wanna do you, do you
Do you wanna do me, do me?
Underneath the moonlight, moonlight
And now we’re hiding in my car
I let you see my scars
Escape the dark for just one night
Your heart makes me explode with light
– Chorus –
Baby maybe
Maybe I will steal you, steal you
Just so I can feel you, feel you
Maybe that will heal you, heal you
On the inside
Underneath the willow tree
wearing nothing else but me…

This song is from the TV series Modern Family which currently becoming one of my fave TV shows. I recall this series got Emmy award as best TV series in comedy several months ago so i decided to buy this series. The story is about 3 families which turned out to be related to each other. 1st family is typical normal parents with normal 3 children, 2 girls and one boy. 2nd family is and old man with a younger sexy latino wife with one child from the previous husband. 3rd family is a gay couple with one Vietnamese adopted daughter.

The series is about these 3 families dealing with their daily life and routines, its funny, witty but also heartwarming. There is a moral of the story in every series. I recommend this series and I hope the series will be long lasted.

Ah, now about the song, Its my "cuci otak" song currently. In one of the episode, this Dylan who is a boyfriend of the oldest daughter of 1st family was invited to the family dinner to prove whether this boy is good enough for their daughter. Dylan almost got their heart by promoting a peace between the ex and current wife of the 2nd family's husband. But then he sang this song and the parents looked at each other and said "oh, she's totally not going out to party with him". But eventually every characters in this movie are easily memorized this song and this song became their "cuci otak" song just like what happen to me right now. Ahahahahaha....

Well, what a random things I post in my blog, eh?

Ciao a tutti!!!