Sunday, October 25, 2015

Myanmar: the Next Big Thing in Asia

Halooo.. Another exciting story to tell because again I traveled to new country, as I've mentioned before, going to a new place is always exciting, regardless where the place is. As usual I will share a little bit of background to this trip (again, you wouldn't care but I'll do it anyway..).
Okay, honestly I've never been wanting to go to Myanmar before until one of my office colleague was actually recommending Myanmar to me after he found out I love traveling, he said currently not (yet) many people travel to Myanmar (though it's increasing now) and it's really good. I browsed some of the pictures in the internet and what made me interested is also that we are able to ride a hot air balloon to see magnificent view of Bagan, the land of thousand Pagoda. I even actually considered to take the balloon ride assuming that it may be cheaper in South East Asia, compared to Turkey, well it's not, in fact it's more expensive, around 300 USD, but I was thinking, it's okay I still got to see the balloon view in the morning/sunrise above the Pagodas which surely will be awesome too. Another ugly truth is the balloon doesn't operate the whole year, another fact that I found that when I was there, not before I bought the ticket. So, the low season would be from Apr to September, and it will resume in Oct. So, please note this before you purchase the flight ticket.