Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love letter for a career break

Dear Boss,

I value my job and hope I'll be working here for years to come. But just now, I can feel I need an educational break. Some companies send employees to business school or to various workshops and corses. I'd like the education that comes from travel - and edification investment I plan to pay myself on an upcoming extended trip to Europe. I will make sure all pressing projects are completed before departing and help train any transition personnel you'd care to bring in.

However, if you would take me back upon my return, I believe the company will benefit from my experience. I know I can bring new value to the job: an international perspective, a familiarity with meeting people, more confidence and street smarts. And, with a long-time dream fulfilled, I think you'll find I'll have more focus and renewed energy for the tasks. On paper, it may not look as tidy as sending me to business school, but in real terms it will be more practical. And it will come at just a fraction of the cost with far less time away from the company.

Sincerely Yours,

Source: The Rough Guide to First Time Europe by Doug Lansky

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