Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday Re2o7utions


What i challenge, yes, to write a birthday resolution while my birthday is 3 months ago,,,but why bother?

One reason is a quote I got from my idol's blog, which I wholeheartedly agree so, here they are:
"I like to think the more we air our wishes… the more likely they are to happen. Even though they are just wishes still, they are slightly more real just in having put them into words."

So here they go: (these resolutions are targeted to be achieved before I reach the age of 30 unless i mentioned earlier)

- I want to get married at the age of 28, i am now 21 months away from the deadline, but i am optimistic!! The reason why 28 is not because I am now 27, but i have several reasons such as, its the age when my brother got married, its the age when my mom gave birth for the last time, and its the median between 26 to 30,,,enough reason, right? :)
- Considering that I get married in 28, I should have at least 1 child before 30 from one labor process, ehehe, i said at least because I think it will be nice to have a twin kids but not the identical one, different gender will be even better =D. One of my late Grandma is twin, so I guess I have hopes there.

- I want to travel around Europe in 2011, preferably in summer for sure, I have to quit from my job unless they give me 2 months of leave,,,ahahaha,,,less likely. A must visit city is Barcelona, i guess it started with me retweeted one of Indonesian actor during world cup saying that if Spain wins 2010 world cup, next year I will go to Barcelona, i was rooting for Spain then i just said it. Huehehe... Well, actually what I want is to stay there for a month or so, taking some Spanish course or other short course mainly in art or culture, definitely not my undergrad subject!!

- I don't value myself as religious but one day I want to, ahaha, so I have to put this in my resolutions, but I sincerely do want to go to Mecca and Medina for a pilgrimage.

- Before my Eurotrip, I already have one relationship with a man which is prospective to a marriage, so after comeback from Europe I will have to prepare for this marriage, hell yeah, considering I get married at the age of 28,,,huahahaha,,have to start looking from now on I guess
- Have I told you that I don’t want to work in the company like this forever, I want a flexible hours of working where I don’t have to come at the office at 8 or 9 then go home at 6 or 7 every day, I go whenever I want to,,heheheh,,one realistic step to reach that kind of job is to have my own business, I’m thinking of restaurant right now or a room rental (kos2an) but any halal business will be fine. I don’t say it has to be successful by then, just have it started would be great!
- Well, this one a bit shallow even for me,,,ahahaha,,,but yes I want to be 100 pounds weight girl back in 9 years ago when I started college.
- This one I've been wanting since forever!! I always have this admiration for those people who are able to communicate in other language, its just so cool like in a video game your ability has reach high level or something,,ahaha, so yeah, Iwant to be able to communicate in foreign language (Note: English is not foreign) I'm thinking of one of those European countries, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, or Klingon? Ahahahah,,,cant wait to learn some
- Well, this one is from childhood glory,,,yes, I was on a drum band team back at elementary school, I played pianika, yeah, not that spectacular talent-required instrument but we were pretty good, we won some contests which I cant really recall today but, it was something especially when you were 10!! That is why I always have this faith that I have this talent in music, its just that i didn't pay attention to it so there is no chance the talent came out, so my resolution is to be able to play one or more music instruments
- I have another one, but I don't know, I'm not sure if I really this one badly or not. Its about cooking. Until now, I admit I'm a sucker in cooking, like real suck,,,,heuuuuu,,I am not a feminist but I think cooking is not only for women,,,(ah bisa aja) and yeah, there's always a restaurant to buy food or a neighbor to ask for food (?) ehehe,,but surely, It will be nice if I can cook a delightful food someday (ok, I don't put age target here)

Ok, for now those are wishes which I can think of, but the list is totally subject to be updated along the way

Salam Unyuuuuu :))

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