Sunday, July 17, 2011

I want more FlashForward!

Finally, I just finished wathcing this series. After put on hold a year or so since I bought the DVD. First time I heard this series from my friend Raya, who seemed very excited about it. The stories is about a global blackout where at the same time all people in the world got blackout at the same amount of time 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and during the blackout all people have visions of their future 6 months later. The visions are not just some possible visions but its almost an exact prophecy of what will happen o them, and the vision can be compared and confirmed to each other. For example if A see B in his vision, B also see A in her vision. This vision is what they called "FlashForward"

The series got interesting as each of the characters have to deal with their own futures, some of them wish their future is not happening, some wish their future is happening, some who don't see anything during the blackout is considered dead in the next 6 months. The main character is Mark Benford played by Joseph Fiennes is an FBI agent who see himself investigating the blackout on his flashforward, his wife see herself with another man in the flashforward, Mark's friend Aroon Stark sees himself with his dughther who suppoosed to be dead two years ago, a doctor who got cancer, almost killed himself before the blackout but see he meet a japanese girl in his flashforward, Mark's partner in FBI agent Demetri Noh sees nothing during the blackout, later on he received a phone call which mentioned he will be dead on certain date. Well, I don't want to get into details with this but I hope you got the point of how the stories will go. Beside this, of course people worried abount whether this global blackout will occur again as the blackout ifself has caused many people died, millions of people, yeaaaa, as you can imagine, take one example, what if your on a plane and all of a sudden your pilot got blackout, even for only 2 minutes I bet your plane will get crashed.

The interesting part for me which also makes me wonder, if we were in their situation, if we are given the opportunity to see what will happen to us 6 months ahead, what will we do? If its a bad one, are we gonna try as hard as we can to avoid it, but, is it possible to change or is it a fate? If its a good one, you will also be worried if it will come true, you will try as hard as possible so that it will come true but what if you're trying so hard but it doesn't seem closer to the future you saw. Yeaa, that sort of thing, is intriguing for me.

Beside the story and action part the interesting part also the actors, hahahaha, yeah, I'm just girl who enjoy watching good looking actors. The main character Joseph Fiennes is undoubtedly handsome, I knew him from Shakespeare in Love, but in this series, as an FBI agent, his hotness is really coming out, bwahahaha. His partner who played by John Cho, Korean actor also suprisingly hot, hahaha, I never dig for east asian guy before but somehow his character really got me. Other chararter is scientist Lloyd Simcoe is also attracted in his own way, I like his voice and his accent. Those are just some, but I think should be enough for girls who dig for handsome hot guy from a series.

Special agent Mark Benford and agent Demetri Noh

Its a combination of action, drama, mystery, thriller with multiple characters who are linked to each other. Maybe if I can compare, it's fair comparisons Heroes and Lost. But, I personally think this series is better than those two. Even though its a fiction but I think it more closer to the reality. There are mystery and suspense but in the end I can accept it.

Now, the biggest question so far is, WHY this very good series has to be ended in 1st season only? Whyyyyyy?? When I look for the reason, I found that the series is discontinued because not enough viewer. OMG, how could it be possible, it has good rating in imdb (7.9 / 10) as you can see here I am still very upset about this but I still hope they will make season 2, 3, etc. Maybe there is someone who read my post here turned out to be the producer of the series then decided to make another season, or whatever..

Ahh. that's it, too sad, I'm out...

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