Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love love Cam

Currently I'm a little bit crazy about this new reality show, Glee Project. Well, actually it wasn't that new as it was started on mid 2011 and now I watched the show re-run on television. The show is still integrated with famous TV series "Glee" which I assume you've been familiar with. So, the purpose of the show is to find new talented young star who have the capability of singing and acting and the winners will make an appearance or will become one of the cast in the series. So, actually I have watched the show once before but only a glimpse, I saw these 3 contestants performed in front of 3 judges, and my attention was straight to this young man who looked kind of nerd, skinny, huge glasses, some weird movements. He sang Your Song, it was Elton John's song, but he sang it very well with such an amazing voice, the sort of voice a guy in a rock band which is kind of cool. He's style was quirky but adorable. And that's it, I didn't know who he was and I've never watch Glee Project ever again.

look at how he dances

Until recently I started to see this re-run of the show and I really think the show is very interesting, much more than the series. Don't get me wrong, but while I enjoyed watching the series, somehow I felt there is something about the series that made me couldn't love the show, I don't like the characters, sometimes they were just overreacted (or, maybe it was the whole essence of the show??), the jokes wasn't really funny, and there were some episodes where they sort of making fun of religion, my religion especially which I personally think improper and weren't funny at all. The only good thing is the singing. But the Glee Project is different, probably because its reality show so, it looked more natural and sincere. I also love the part where they have to record their voice and act in the video clip. The video clips are so good, it looked like real video clip, considering these kids are amateur. Their voices are also super. The conflict mostly about how to perform well in the video and other tasks, all seems natural and not overdramatic. It was what making this reality show is interesting.

the contestant

Ok, finally I got to see the performance of this young man again. His name is Cameron and seeing him is making me really like him even more. Some nerds are just so cool, I don't know, I guess I have this weakness on nerds, especially if he's good-looking, has amazing voice, playing good music, writing his own songs, okay, those are Cameron's. But above all those outside quality, he has really good personalities and he could stand up for his beliefs. In one episode where he was paired with a girl, Lindsay, at the end of the video Lindsay just give him a surprise by kissing him and it wasn't planned before, so he has no idea it gonna happened. He was really shocked and he felt guilty of kissing another girl as if he was cheating on his girlfriend. He phoned his mom and told the stories. It turned out that he was brought up in a very strong Christian family, his father is a ministry if I'm not mistaken, so he has some boundaries he could not cross. He believes that sex is for after marriage and other stuff like that. I found he's personality is so adorable. Huehehe. Oh, he's 21 btw, so isn't too young.

In the 7th episode, the theme of the episode is sexuality where once again he refused to kiss another contestant in the video because he think it was against value he was believing. He then become bottom 3 with one of his best friend, Damian. That episode really got him thinking that maybe he wasn't the right person for the show, because he wouldn't want to do something that is out of this boundaries and values. He thought that other contestants who are willing to go all the way are deserved more to be in the show and thus he decided to quit from the show. Ryan Murphy and the other judges even still have faith in him and still wanted him to be in the show, but he just really firm about his decision, and thus what he did actually saves his best fried on the show, Damian, who originally will be eliminated on that episode. I think what he did is really great, he's a young man but he could really stand up for what he's believed in and still look cool. He's still got everything, his talent in music, his edgy look, his amazing voice, his unique style, and everything. What he did is inspirational and I believe that he will be a success even though he's quitting Glee Project as he already put himself in a very good position and many people were really amazed of what he did.

Here’s what he had to say about his decision to leave The Glee Project:
“It’s very tough because I do have beliefs and I do have my faith, and in some ways that does make me very different from other people. There are lines that other people will cross, and that’s OK to them, but to me—I’m just different, I just believe in different things. There are certain things that I’m willing to do on video shoots, but when it comes to the kissing, that was really hard for me. That’s just how I was raised, you know?
“My parents weren’t crazy-strict religious people. I won’t hit people on the head with a Bible, but I live by example and just try to be the best guy I can be. I have morals, and if it’s something that I feel like is crossing the line, then I’m not afraid to stand up. If you don’t stand up for something, then you’ll never stand up for anything. I just feel like that’s just what I had to do.”

With his best bro, Damian. True bromance.

So, I guess that's it, I am now declaring I am such a fan of Cameron Mitchell from Glee Project. Am starting to search his video on youtube, etc. I don't know how long it will last, though. You can check out his video on youtube ->

Here is video he's singing "Blackbird" during his last performance on the show (btw, that bald guy is not him, its Ryan Murphy the producer and creator of Glee, just so you know)

Photos was taken from Oxygen website
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